Scott Weiland: A Tribute

©2013 Steve Ziegelmeyer – Ziegelmeyer Photography


Scott Weiland

October 27, 1967 – December 3, 2015


Man, I can’t get over this whole Scott Weiland thing. Yeah, he’s been on borrowed time for the past 20+ years and nobody can possibly be surprised at his passing, but I keep thinking about 19 year-old Ron…disgruntled at the demise of his beloved Big Hair music at the hands of Nirvana and the sudden ushering in of the grunge era…then hearing “Plush” on the radio for the first time, and thinking, “Oh my God! That ROCKS!!!”…rushing out and buying “Core” on CD as soon as I had the chance…poring through every track and thinking, “Rock isn’t dead!” Dying to see STP live for 20+ years and finally getting the chance at Riverbend a few years ago, and being blown away at how awesome it was. RIP Mr. Weiland…you are sadly missed by this 19 year-old boy’s spirit hopelessly trapped in a 42 year-old man’s body.

– Ron Ownes

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