Mammoth WVH Going The Distance In Cincinnati, OH

Wolfgang Van Halen Live 2024


Mammoth WVH

Bogart’s – Cincinnati, OH / March 1, 2024

w/ Nita Strauss


Ever since Wolfgang Van Halen announced his Mammoth WVH project, there was a lot of pressure put on him regarding what he should play and what he should not. A large majority of fans were calling for him to play the songs that his dad made famous with his band, Van Halen. But despite the public demand, Wolfgang stuck to his guns and stepped out of the Van Halen shadow to do things his way. If there is any question as to whether or not he made the right call, all you have to do is attend a Mammoth WVH show to find out.

During his 15-song set, there was not one single Van Halen song. The material came solely from the two Mammoth WVH albums that were released over the course of the past 3 years. And throughout the entire night, I did not hear one single person in the sold-out crowd complain. Actually, it was just the opposite. When you witness Wolfgang Van Halen and the guys in Mammoth play, you know you are witnessing something special. Much like Eddie Van Halen, Wolfgang has a gift that captivates anyone who hears and sees him play. While he throws in some finger-tapping here and there, he is not copying his one-of-a-kind father. Wolfie is very much doing his own thing. The only time that Eddie was mentioned was before the band kicked into the tune, “Think It Over,” when Wolfgang told the crowd that it was his dad’s favorite song of his.


Mammoth WVH Live in Cincinnati, OH


While Wolfgang is used to being in the spotlight given the fact that he played bass in Van Halen for a number of years, Mammoth WVH put him in a spot that he was not used to, right up front as the band’s frontman. It seems that it is a role the musician has taken to well. During the set, Wolfie engaged the audience with a big smile on his face most of the night. He even threw in some humor throughout the night, like when he went into an Oasis cover of “Wonderwall” when the crowd was prepped for an acoustic version of the Mammoth favorite, “Distance.” Even though his last name is Van Halen, Wolfgang came across like an ordinary guy that you could just hang out and talk music with.

I always wonder what it was like to see Van Halen play for the first time back in the early 70’s. While it is an experience that I will never get to know, I will be able to say that I got to see Mammoth WVH back in the early days. Wolfgang has already carved out his own unique path in the music world, but it is clear that he is just getting started. The world will always have Van Halen, and now it gets the amazing privilege of also having Mammoth WVH as well.


Wolfgang Van Halen Black Guitar



– I’m Alright

– Right?

– Epiphany

– Miles Above Me

– Like a Pastime

– Horrible Right

– Optimist

– Stone

– Distance

– Think It Over

– Mammoth

– You’re To Blame

– Take A Bow


– Another Celebration at the End of the World

– Don’t Back Down


Mammoth WVH Bogarts 2024

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