Ava Max Heaven & Hell Album Review and Video

Ava Max_Heaven & Hell_Album Cover


Heaven & Hell Album Review

Released: September 18, 2020

Atlantic Records


Track List

Side A – Heaven:
1. H.E.A.V.E.N
2. Kings & Queens
3. Naked
4. Tattoo
5. OMG What’s Happening
6. Call Me Tonight
7. Born to the Night

8. Torn

Side B – Hell:
9. Take You To Hell
10. Who’s Laughing Now
11. Belladonna
12. Rumors
13. So Am I
14. Salt
15. Sweet But Psycho


Ava Max Orange Hair
Photo by Charlotte Rutherford


Our Thoughts: 

Ava Max is a global pop star who has just released her first album, Heaven & Hell. Ava came onto y radar when I first heard the song, “Salt.” I loved the tune and was instantly curious to hear more. The world of pop can be a hit and miss realm for us. There is stuff I absolutely love, and then there is some stuff I just don’t get.  Ava Max Heaven & Hell is one of those albums that I loved on my first listen. The album has a definite vibe to it. It flows from the first song until the last. While Ava is able to define her style on the 15 songs that make up Heaven & Hell, each track has its own thing going on. It’s not always easy for an artist to get it just right on a record. Sometimes it feels like you get the same song over and over, and then other times it just feels like they just threw a bunch of random songs together with no thought or care. It is clear that much thought went into the Heaven & Hell record. From the album cover to the songs to the tracking of the songs, there is a theme that runs throughout the record. Nothing makes me happier than when I see an artist put the time and thought into an effort. It is what makes the difference between a random collection of songs and a record. If you would like to hear more about why we love the debut record from Ava Max, click on the video below. If you are already convinced, be sure to pick up a copy of the record for yourself today!


Click the video for more on Heaven & Hell!





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