Katy Perry Smile Review and Vinyl Show & Tell

Katy Perry Debuts Album Cover


Katy Perry – Smile

Released: August 28, 2020

Capitol Records


Track Listing

Never Really Over

Cry About it Later

Teary Eyes



Not the End of the World


Champagne Problems


Harleys in Hawaii

Only Love

What Makes a Woman

Message from Katy – Target Exclusive

High on Your Supply – Target Exclusive


Katy Perry Pie In The Face
Photo by Christine Hahn


Our Thoughts: 

Katy Perry Smile Review and Vinyl Show & Tell:  Smile is the first Katy Perry record that we have ever owned. I was never anti-Katy, I just never really took the time to invest in one of her records. I have to admit that it was the marketing behind the record that really caught my attention. I first saw the Smile album cover and thought it looked fun. Then I started to see other photos of Katy Perry with the clown vibe going on. The great thing is that it was not the same photo over and over. It was several photos that tied into the album concept.  It is amazing how many bands and artists today do not know how to market a record. They put one photo on the cover that may or may not have something to do with the album title and that is it. Then they throw out the excuse, nobody buys records anymore. Katy Perry Smile proves that point to be wrong…at least for me. After seeing that great marketing campaign around the record, I wanted to buy it. What a concept. I am so glad I did too. They really did a nice job with this vinyl release. But, I think it would be better if we showed you instead of just told you. So check out our Katy Perry Smile review and vinyl show & tell. While you are there, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don’t miss our future vinyl show & tells.



Katy Perry Smile Vinyl


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