Metallica S&M2 Box Set Review, Unboxing & More

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Welcome to our Metallica S&M2 box set review and vinyl show & tell. This collection is the ultimate must-have for any Metallica fan. 20 years after the original S&M concerts, Metallica reunited with the San Francisco Symphony over the course of 2 nights to perform a show like none other. During a time when live music is basically non-existent, this release comes at the perfect time for music fans around the world.  Normally, we like to tell you about the vinyl release and if it is worth your time and money. With the Metallica S&M2 box set, we dove in way deeper. This set comes complete with so much more. Don’t get us wrong, the vinyl alone is worth it, but we think you will like everything as well. But enough with the teaser, let’s get into out Metallica S&M2 box set review and vinyl show & tell!




Metallica S&M2

Blackened Records



4 Vinyl

2 CDs


4 Guitar Picks


Sheet Music




Metallica S&M2 Unboxing and Vinyl Show & Tell

Check out our Metallica S&M2 box set Review along with the vinyl show & tell!


S&M2 Track Listing

– The Ecstasy of Gold

– The Call of Ktulu

– For Whom the Bell Tolls

– The Day That Never Comes

– The Memory Remains

– Confusion

– Moth Into Flame

– The Outlaw Torn

– No Leaf Clover

– Halo on Fire

– Intro to Scythian Suite

– Scythian Suite, Opus 20 II:

– The Enemy god And

– The Dance Of The Dark Spirits

– Intro to The Iron Foundry

– The Iron Foundry, Opus 19

– The Unforgiven III

– All Within My Hands

– (Anesthesia) – Pulling Teeth

– Wherever I May Roam

– One

– Master of Puppets

– Nothing Else Matters

– Enter Sandman


– Behind the Scenes – Making of the Show

– All Within My Hands Promo


Metallica S&M2 Photos


S&M2 Blu-ray
S&M2 Blu-ray


S&M2 CD's
S&M2 CD’s


Metallica S&M2 Guitar Picks
Metallica S&M2 Guitar Picks


Metallica S&M2 Guitar Picks Back
Guitar picks flipped



Metallica S&M2 Sheet Music
All in my Hands Sheet Music




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