The Black Crowes Box Set: Shake Your Money Maker 30th Anniversary

The Black Crowes Box Set


Shake Your Money Maker 30th Anniversary

The Black Crowes box set that was released on February 26, 2021, is a celebration of the 30th anniversary of the band’s debut alum, Shake Your Money Maker. Shake Your Money Maker was actually released on February 13, 1990, so it’s actually the 31st anniversary, but we get the point. The Black Crowes infamous Robinson brothers announced last year that they had buried the hatchet and were letting the Crowes soar once again (sort of.) They were supposed to take the show on the road last summer and play the Shake Your Money Maker album in its entirety to celebrate the album’s milestone. That obviously was not able to happen. Chris Robinson and Rich Robinson still plan on playing those shows when the concert industry starts back up, but for now, they have given fans something to hold them over until that can happen. The Black Crowes box set is the perfect way to revisit the classic Shake Your Money Maker album and get some previously unreleased material, demos, and extra goodies.  


Shake Your Money Maker Box Set

What’s In The Box


– Original Shake Your Money Maker album Remastered

– 2nd disc with unheard studio recordings, 2 unreleased demos from Mr. Crowe’s Garden

– a 14 track full unreleased concert from Atlanta, GA, in 1990

– reproductions of an early Mr. Crowe’s Garden show flyer, setlist, tour laminate, and patch-

– 20-page book with unseen photos from the band’s personal archives and liner notes by David Fricke


Original Shake Your Money Maker Album Cover


Shake Your Money Maker Vinyl Unboxing Video



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The Black Crowes Shake Your Money Maker Vinyl Box Set

The Black Crowes Shake Your Money Maker CD Box Set 


Chris and Rich Robinson


Our Thoughts: 

The Black Crowes Box Set celebrating the 30th anniversary of the classic album, Shake Your Money Maker is awesome. The remastered version of the original sounds great on the turntable. The 2nd disc with the demos is cool to hear. “Charming Mess” is a great song, and will be one that I go back and listen to often. But as for the demos, they are cool to have, but rarely will I go back to. The true treasure of this is set is the 3rd disc with the live show. It was recorded in the Crowes stomping grounds of Atlanta, GA about a year after the release of Shake Your Money Maker. By this time, the band was a well-oiled machine. They sound amazing on this set. If you are familiar with The Black Crowes, you know how magical those live shows could be. This set shows that even early on, they were a live band that you had to see.

The only issue I have with The Black Crowes box set is that it feels like the Robinson brothers have deleted the other members of the band who had such a huge part of the album. Jeff Cease (guitars), Steve Gorman (Drums), and Johnny Colt (bass) seem to have been canceled when it comes to the history of the Shake Your Money Maker. When you look at the booklet that comes with the Black Crowes box set, you will see what I mean. Lot’s of photos of Chris and Rich Robinson, but pics of the other members are few and far between minus the album cover. I am not surprised by this, but I still find it sad that even though they may not be in The Black Crowes today, those guys were a huge part of that record. But, that is no reason not to buy this set. As the always wise Aerosmith say, Let the Music Do the Talking.





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