Lauren Alaina Sitting Pretty On Top Of The World Review


Lauren Alaina is Sitting Pretty On Top Of The World with a brand new record released on September 3, 202, and a brand new Hallmark movie that debuts tonight, September 11, 2021. Since gaining attention during season 10 of American Idol,  Alaina has gone on to become a country music superstar. When it comes to country music, we here at The Music Room have some pretty high standards. In fact, just this week someone dubbed as purists. That statement is likely true, and something that we are proud of in fact. But even though we have a pretty tight filter for what passes as country music and what does not, we never want to live in the past. In fact, nothing makes us happier than finding current artists today who are making great music. And one such artist is, Lauren Alaina.

Sitting Pretty On Top Of The World is a collection of great songs that strike a balance between the pureness of country music that we love so much, with a fun and modern feel to them.  A perfect example of that pureness is the album’s opening track, “It Was Me.” The song has an acoustic guitar, some slide guitar, and Lauren Alaina’s perfect delivery one part twang, one part power. This song is textbook three chords and the truth, and it is awesome. Another magic moment happens on the album’s third track, “Getting Good,” which features an appearance by country music legend, Trisha Yearwood. This is a reflective song that talks about taking time to appreciate where you are in life and what you have at the moment. It is an amazing message delivered by two of the best voices in the business today. Getting Good indeed! But as we said, there is plenty of fun to be had on the record. “Same Story, Different Saturday Night” and “When The Party’s Over” are two examples of fun upbeat songs that will have you singing along.

The songs are great, and Lauren Alaina has an amazing voice, but there is one more thing that puts Sitting Pretty On Top Of The World over the top for us. Laure Alaina has writing credits on 14 out of the 15 songs on the record. That is something that is almost unheard of these days. Nashville is filled with gifted singers and talented writers who come together to make legendary songs. But when you have an artist who is capable of writing songs like the songs on this record, that is lightning in a bottle. Lauren Alaina has created a collection of songs that don’t make you feel like you are stuck in the past, but yet you never forget you are listening to country music. Sitting Pretty On Top Of The World is a must-buy record in our book. Go out and get it today!



– It Was Me

– If The World was a Small Town

– Getting Good (featuring Trisha Yearwood)

– Same Story, Different Saturday Night

– On Top of the World

– Run

– What Do You Think Of? (with Lukas Graham)

– I’m Not Sad Anymore

– Getting Over Him (with Jon Pardi)

– Good Ole Boy

– When the Party’s Over

– You Ain’t A Cowboy

– Goodbye Street

– Written In the Bar

– Change My Mind


Watch Lauren Alaina sing songs from Sitting Pretty On Top Of The World during her Hallmark movie, Roadhouse Romance.


Lauren Aliana Hallmark Movie


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