Stone Temple Pilots: Huber Heights, OH 7/22/18



Stone Temple Pilots – July 22, 2018


Venue: The Rose Music Center

City: Huber Heights, OH




The Band:

Jeff Gutt – Vocals

Dean DeLeo – Guitar

Robert DeLeo – Bass

Eric Kretz – Drums


Set List:

– Wicked Garden

– Vasoline

– Big Bang Baby

– Down

– Big Empty

– Plush

– Meadow

– Interstate Love Song

– Roll Me Under

– Dead & Bloated

– Trippin’ On a Hole in a Paper Heart

– Sex Type Thing


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Our Thoughts:

Stone Temple Pilots rolled into The Rose Music Center along with Bush, The Cult, and Julien K as a part of the Revolution 3 Tour this past Sunday night. It was the band’s first area appearance with new frontman, Jeff Gutt. STP recently released their first album with Gutt this past March, which has been well received by the rock n’ roll faithful. But the true test is to see how the band would sound and feel live with the new vocalist at the helm. It did not take long into the band’s set to get the answer to that question.

The first song of the night was “Wicked Garden” from the landmark debut album, “Core.” The group’s newest member would not have a chance to warm up, or to win the crowd over. The fact is that STP was coming out of the gate with one of their most beloved tunes…and the rookie would be forced to make a strong first impression. Without a net, Jeff Gutt hit the stage and owned it! And not just on one tune, but the whole set. From the first note of “Wicked Garden” to the final note of “Sex Type Thing,” Gutt proved that the rest of the guys in STP chose their new singer well. He was poised and commanded the stage without hesitation. Without question, Jeff Gutt is a pro.

Speaking of the rest of the guys…the original members of Stone Temple Pilots were in fine form. Dean DeLeo on guitars, Robert DeLeo on bass, and Eric Kretz on drums have only gotten better over the years, There was an obvious comfort among the trio, but they were not resting the laurels of their name. The men were tight and the tunes sounded sharp and fresh. Perhaps their new frontman jolted the band with a burst of creative energy, or maybe it’s just the joy that comes from playing the classic songs that they have written in their nearly three decades in the business. Whatever the case may be, STP shows no signs of becoming a retro act any time soon.

There has been a lot said about the current state of Stone Temple Pilots. There are those that say without their original vocalist, the band should not be out there playing today. However, those voices are hard to hear over the thousands of voices singing along and cheering at The Rose Music Center this past Sunday night. STP has been a victim of some terrible circumstances. But thankfully, they have not become a casualty of those circumstances. Stone Temple Pilots made a statement on Sunday night. They may have a new lead singer, but they still rock just as hard as ever. Do your self a favor and get acquainted with the Stone Temple Pilots of 2018. Its okay to celebrate and remember the past, but look back too long and miss out on the now.






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