As Is


Ric Hickey is a musician, writer, podcaster and all-around awesome human being. If you are a Cincinnati person, he may have sold you a record or ten at Everybody’s Records. Ric is one of our favorite cats out there. We struck up a friendship nearly seven years ago over our shared love of music. Ric has given us a great compliment by allowing us to run interviews and articles that he has written over the last few years. We are now happy to host Ric’s own column, “AS IS” here in The Music Room!!



The Creative Process in Crisis: Visions Come to Prepared Spirits – 4/22/20


My Career In Record Stores Part I – 6/26/2020


My Career In Record Stores Part II – 7/10/2020


My Career In Record Stores Part III – 8/18/2020


Thoughts on Eddie Van Halen – 10/10/2020







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