Wind Walkers Album Announcement

Photo Credit – Ian Urquhart

Breaking boundaries and forging their own path in the alternative music scene, Wind Walkers, have today announced their highly anticipated album, “What If I Break?” set for release on November 17th, 2023. Fans can pre-save the upcoming release HERE.

The album announcement is accompanied by the release of their latest single “Dissipate”. Fans can stream “Dissipate” HERE. Fans can also watch the brand new video, HERE or at the link below.

Speaking on today’s single release, vocalist Trevor Borg shares:

“Unfortunately, I’ve found myself in relationships that have fallen apart due to unfaithfulness. And dissipate is a song about the personal traumas I’ve experienced because of it. Paranoia, anxiety, and trust issues are all things that I have battled while trying to maintain a healthy relationship after those situations, and this song was almost like a desperate plea to myself to learn how to love with confidence again.”

Regarding their album announcement, Trevor continues:

“Lyrically, What if I Break is a very introspective album. I wrote about very real experiences in my life these past few years. This album touches on love and death, connections with others as well as connections with myself. And the pressures that I felt trying to maintain those connections while chasing a dream I’ve had since childhood. These songs are on the verge of being uncomfortably honest, and I couldn’t imagine doing it any other way.”

This latest single, “Dissipate” serves as tantalizing glimpses into Wind Walkers’ forthcoming album, showcasing their penchant for pushing artistic boundaries. It skillfully intertwine intricate melodies, evocative lyrics, and a rich tapestry of emotions. They continue to encapsulates the band’s ability to transcend genres and resonate deeply with their audience.

“What If I Break?”, produced by the highly regarded Nick Matzkows (known for his work with Attack Attack, Until I Wake, Conquer Divide) and revered Jon Eberhard (I Prevail, Skillet, The Ghost Inside), promises to redefine the boundaries of post-hardcore and alternative metal. With their daring approach, Wind Walkers effortlessly blend the commanding force of modern metal with the irresistible charisma of pop, crafting a sound that is both emotionally charged and undeniably catchy. Be sure to stay tuned for more Wind Walkers news coming soon.




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