Nita Strauss Live: Harrison, OH 12/8/2021


Nita Strauss Live

Harrison, OH – 12/8/2021

The Blue Note Harrison



The VIP Experience

When I heard Nita Strauss was offering VIP packages for her Winter Wonderland tour, I definitely wanted to add the experience to my show ticket. When I saw that VIP was only $50, it was a no-brainer. So with my show ticket and VIP booked, I made my way to the venue. All of the VIP guests were brought into the venue and given time to check out the merch table before the general ticket holders. Then we made our way to the floor. A few minutes later, Nita appeared and pulled up a stool. She spent about half an hour or so answering our questions about playing with Alice Cooper, jamming with Steve Vai, and about the recording of her upcoming solo record. It was a very interactive and intimate experience that very much felt like a two-way conversation. From there each VIP member got a chance to get up to 3 items signed from Nita and a photo with her. Given that we are still dealing with COVID, there was social distancing for the photo, but it was still very cool. Once VIP wrapped up we got to stay in the venue to claim our spot for the show. So, if you are on the fence about buying the VIP experience, I highly recommend it!



The Show

I have had the chance to see Steve Vai and Yngwie Malmsteen play live, and while I am grateful for those experiences, I can’t really tell you much about the shows. I could recognize the brilliance of each one of those guys,  but I could not explain what it is they did. I am nowhere near qualified to explain the execution of their technique or playing, and I am not going to try to explain it about Nita Strauss either. What I can tell you is that I thoroughly enjoyed the show and think that she is brilliant when it comes to playing and performing. But if you are expecting a show similar to what see when she plays with  Alice, you may a little surprised. The show is very much all about the guitar. However, Nita and her band do treat the crowd to the Alice classic, “Feed My Frankenstein.” There is only one other song in the set that features vocals, and that is when Disturbed main man, David Draiman’s vocals are pumped in on the current single, “Dead Inside.” 




– Power Ranger

– Mariana Trench

– Alegria

– Lion Among Wolves

– The Stillness At The End

– Summer Storm

– Feed My Frankenstein (Alice Cooper)

– The Quest / Drum Solo

– The Show Must Go On (Queen)

– Pandemonium

– Dead Inside

– Our Most Desperate Hour



Photo Gallery From The Show

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