Motionless In White Live In Cincitucky

Chris Motionless Live 2023


Motionless In White

October 22, 2023 – MegaCorp Pavilion – Newport, KY

w/ Knocked Loose – After the Burial – Alphawolf


Ricky Olson of Motionless In White Live - Newport, KY


It was a chilly autumn Sunday night in Newport, KY when Motionless In White brought the Touring the End of the World tour to the outdoor stage at Megacorp Pavilion. For any other band, an outdoor show at the end of October may have seemed like a bad idea, but for Motionless, it was perfect. The cool crisp air was a welcome to the nearly sold-out crowd who were jumping, crowd surfing, moshing, and just having a blast the entire night. That is one of the things I love the most about the band and their fans. At first sight and listen, it may be easy to get the wrong idea about Motionless in White. Judging by their theatrical appearance and aggressive music, you may think they are an angry band, but you couldn’t be more wrong.

All it takes is about one song into the set to realize that a Motionless in White show is about one of the happiest and most joyful shows you can attend. It starts with the energy coming from the stage. Lead singer, Chris Motionless is engaging and genuine as he interacts with the crowd throughout the night. There are no scripts or teleprompters, just a guy who seems to be having a blast doing what he is doing. On this particular night, Motionless admitted to struggling with how to address the crowd. He offered that he could call us Cincinnati, as the city was just across the river. But as he could not remember Newport, the other option would be simply Kentucky. After a bit more deliberating and taking a poll of the crowd, the singer settled on, Cincitucky! It was a fun and light moment. If only Cincitucky was listed on the back of the t-shirt.


Motionless In White Cincitucky


The energy coming from the guys on stage was reciprocated by the thousands of fans on the other side of the barricade as well. In addition to multi-colored hair and face makeup, the most common things you will see in the crowd at a Motionless In White show are smiles. Whether a person is on the front barricade, standing on the lawn in the very back, dancing in the pit, or crowd surfing their way to the front, they are wearing a smile. Nobody was getting roughed up and no fists were flying. Everyone was just enjoying the moment with one of their favorite bands. Even the security guards working the pit at MegaCorp Pavilion were cool to safely catch crowd surfers and send them on their way. It was truly one of the most respectful shows that I have attended.

I can’t let this review pass without talking about the show itself. This was my third time seeing Motionless In White, and I have to say that they truly get better each time. While the makeup and theatrics add a cool element to the show, the band does not need to nor do they use their appearance as a schtick. They have an arsenal of amazing songs to rest their reputation on, and during the current tour, Motionless In White treated their fans to songs spanning their entire discography. New stuff, old stuff, the guys touched on it all during their 90-minute set. If you saw Motionless In White on Sunday night in Cincitucky, you saw a band that is standing on top of the hill they have been climbing for the past 14 years. They truly are one of the best in the business right now, on wax and on the live stage.

If you have dismissed Motionless In White as a passing fad, now is the time to admit you were wrong. The band is now poised to take the next step in their journey to rock n’ roll greatness. Now is the time to get on board!


Motionless In White Fans Newport, KY




– Meltdown

– Sign of Life

РImmaculate  Misconception

– Thoughts & Prayers

– Masterpiece

– Hatef**k

– Headache

– Slaughterhouse

– Werewolf

– Reincarnate

– Another Life

– Devil’s Night

– Nothing Ever After ( Illenium cover)

– Soft

– Voices

–¬† B.F.B.T.G – Corpse Nation

– Catharsis

– Scoring the End of the World


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