Nita Strauss Interview – The Call of The Void

Nita Strauss Interview


Welcome to our brand new Nita Strauss interview where we discuss Nita’s upcoming album, The Call of The Void, due out on July 7, 2023, as well as a host of other topics that Nita currently has going on. We first interviewed Nita Strauss back in 2014, shortly after she joined the Alice Cooper band and was on the road with Motley Crue. A lot has changed for Nita over the course of the years. She has become a successful solo artist, is the official shredder for the NFL’s Los Angeles Rams, and went on tour with Demi Lovato. One thing remains the same, and that is Nita remains one of our absolute favorite artists here in The Music Room! Enjoy our Nita Strauss Interview and then be sure to pre-order her new record, The Call of The Void today. Also, check out Nita and her band on her Summer Storm tour, and of course on the road with Alice Cooper as well. 



The Call of The Void Album Cover

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  1. Awesome interview, thanks for doing that!!

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