Tom Keifer: Bogart’s – 10/3/15


© Michael Clare 2015

Before heading overseas to play shows in Romania, Bulgaria and Russia, Tom Keifer and his band brought their “The Way Life Goes” tour to Bogart’s in Cincinnati, OH on Saturday night. Despite being billed as “The Big Hair Ball” by a local radio station, Keifer proved (once again) that he is much more than a throw back artist. With a set comprised of blues soaked, rock n’ roll songs from his days with Cinderella and from his solo record, Tom showed why he is still packing venues today. The show was also about much more than one person. Tom has been touring with the same band now for over two years, and that group has developed an undeniable chemistry during that run. The only thing that was missing from the mix was Keifer’s wife, Savannah, who was at home recovering from appendix surgery. But Tom still found a way to make his wife a part of the evening. When it came time for the song, “Don’t Know What You Got,” which is usually done as an acoustic duet by the husband and wife team, Keifer called his wife on the phone and had the Cincinnati crowd help him sing to her. It was a very cool and genuine moment. It was great to see Bogart’s book a show like this, and it was great to see the Cincinnati rock fans come out in big numbers. Hopefully Tom Keifer will serve as an example that just because an artist had their initial success in the eighties,  it doesn’t mean that they should be dismissed just as a retro artist. Tom Keifer has made some great music in his day, but it seems quite clear that there is plenty more to come from him in the future.


We are honored to feature photo’s from the show taken by our friend, and extremely talented photographer, Michael Clare! Click the photo below to view the full gallery…

© Michael Clare 2015


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© Michael Clare 2015


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© Michael Clare 2015


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