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    Light of Day


    I have never met Nick Dittmeier, but he sure seems like a likable kind of guy. How do I know? I don't. Its just the feeling I got after I finished listening to his new album, "Light of Day." The record, released this past April, is a collection of songs about life delivered with an easy and free approach. While there are some songwriters out there who attempt to get so deep, the listener may never really know what they really trying to say, Nick Dittmeier takes a different approach to his writing.  Dittmeier is an observer of life and manages to perfectly capture his observation in catchy, well crafted songs. A perfect example of this comes on the song "My Grey Suit." Dittmeier attaches those moments in life where we have to put on our best (clothes and face) to do the things we have to do to something as simple as grey suit. From his father's funeral to walking his niece down the aisle, that grey suit is there through it all. In "Songs The House Makes," the songwriter turns the everyday sounds of his house, like the dog barking and coffee pot brewingin to music. I found myself listening to the words of this acoustic ditty and saying, "oh yeah." It is the simple every day things that most take for granted that this artist uses as his muse to write some killer songs. It is no wonder that he was nominated for "songwriter of the Year" at the Louisville Music Awards.

    Great songwriting is not the only magic to "Light of Day," there is some great playing on the record as well. Dittmeier's guitar playing a key roll to the success of this record. From the slide work on on the lead single, "Light of Day," to the picking on "Coming Home Soon," Nick speaks just as loudly through his playing as he does through his lyrics. He is also backed by a powerful band made up of Alex Plamp (bass), Eric Baldwin (percussion), Gina Dougin and Clay Burchett (background vocals), Steve Sturgill (organ), Chad Acton (pedal steel), and Kyle James Hauser (banjo). If I had to describe the sound to you, I would see a little Black Crowes, a little Allman Brothers, a little Waylon and all Nick Dittmeier. This a hard working guy who I believe is going to make a name for himself in the music world. Get on board now and check out "Light of Day."



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