January 20, 2016 Tony Keefer 0

  Livid – est. 1998   LiViD are a rhythmically driven, melodically obsessive juggernaut of modern heavy rock. Based in Cincinnati, OH, one of the country’s most diverse musical municipalities, LiViD have been cultivating their […]

See You in the Funnies

March 14, 2015 Tony Keefer 0

  See You in the Funnies – est. 2012   Jimmy Clepper and Thomas Lawrence are childhood friends. As teenagers they started playing music and recording songs in their basement. They met Jason Hubbard  and […]

Lift the Medium

January 14, 2015 Tony Keefer 2

  Lift the Medium – est. 2013 Lift the Medium is real. No backing tracks, No autotune, No tricks or shortcuts, no fake get-ups, gimmicks, or trendy outfits: just real, unadulterated, pure Rock ‘n Roll. […]